Sunday, 16 April 2017


Task description: This is a little game that I made up it has spot the letter and another that does not have a name. Hope you enjoy and hope you got the right answer and have a happy holiday.


  1. Kia Ora Naomi!!!
    Well first off all how has you holiday been going so far, Tomorrow it's my Mumm's Birthday. I would just like to say what an amazing presentation about creating your own game, If you haven't seen yet I and my family have been creating and designing our own presentation games, I hope to see more post's from you soon, Keep up the AWESOME work, Please send me a reply...

    Your Friend...

    1. Hi Hinerangi,
      I am happy to hear that it is your mums birthday tomorrow and please say happy birthday to her fro me. and also it is my nanas birthday tomorrow. thank you for the comments.

    2. Hey Naomi:
      I am glad that it is your Mums birthday as well, Please say a huge Happy Birthday to her for me as well as my Mum, Amazing work. It was so hard when I had tried finding the F because it made me way to dizzy, So I just went the easy way. My Sisters hardly knew where it was, Until I found, It took me way to long. Keep up the amazing work Naomi:

      your Friend,

  2. Awesome post Naomi! I couldn't see the F at all! I had to go line by line and it took me ages. How did you come up with such a cool idea, have you thought of any more you could share?