Wednesday, 5 April 2017

grass leaper VS Blue talied spider

Once on a garden there were some beautiful plants and some not so beautiful insects/spiders. The grass leaper was minding it’s own business and a blue tailed spider came out of nowhere and was looking for his prey. The grass leaper was also looking for it’s prey as well and was getting a little bit scared at the spider and was looking a little nauseous.

The big scary spider was also as scared as the grass leaper because the grass leaper was a little bit scary as well. They were both circling each other and as they stopped the grass leaper jumped on the other leaf and began to run away from the unfriendly spider.  As the two different species were fighting a fury ginger cat came out the door.

The cat came outside and then the spider and the grass leaper teamed up and then tried to eat the cat.  They got their hopes up that they would get the big delicious cat and the cat was chasing the two and then… The cat ate them.  

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