Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Today we had our 3rd visitors come to Pt England School for 2017.  You might be wondering 3rd I haven't even hear of the first or second one. Well that is because there is a lot of learning going around Pt England and I have not had any time to post anything about it. Well anyway today the visitors came from the U.S.A and two of them ( the two guys standing on the left) are the boss of all of the warehouses all around New Zealand. Isn't that cool. You can check out our photos from today's morning right herehttps://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOBwdlfIh3speVYz8j28xevPp0-NBDJu0pMC9RDhZjaYstR7GrXElCgV1E11lOz1g/photo/AF1QipP7ocReRKT_Z8FFEblEXHuPrhdSmRf8ddcQTfD3?key=T19Jb2dzd2h1MVVEZVRwa0lZY21QaGRBTFpxQmVR 

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