Monday, 11 April 2016


Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Have you ever been to a fiafia event?. At  Pt England school we had fiafia on thursday and  we had to pick a culture group and perform at fiafia, Fiafia was so cool. Fiafia is fun we get to perform our culture to our audience.

If you did not know what fiafia is it is a cultural performance or something like that for the kids to show people what we do in other countries. Our Fiafia was held on thursday the 7th of april 2016, it was on the school field with a stage built there. At FiaFia the whole school came with their parents and had fun performing or watching.

For Fiafia I was in the Niuean group I chose it because it is my culture and I thought it would be fun. We have been practicing for 5 to 6 weeks. We had practice every thursday or if we need to catch up on stuff we stay in at lunchtime or we practice on wednesday.

My favourite performance was the middle hip hop group. I like their one because they had three songs mixed it was love yourself, desert and jump. What I also like about their group was the actions and their movements.

What I think about Fiafia is I think it is fun, exciting  and I think it is a way to represent your culture and be proud about it. Another thing about Fiafia I think it is also a way to being confident and not being shy. The last thing I thought about FiaFia that is was cool that our parents took their time off work  to sell food and support us.

                                The End
Task Description: My task was to write about Fiafia and report about what it is. It was really fun writing about Fiafia because there was heaps of intresting performances.


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  2. Malo e lelei naomi, I see that your time at fiafia was very suprising. You know what my favourite was hip hop to but not just middle block the whole hip hop group. When you when up on stage were you really nervous or were you just to confident.