Tuesday, 5 April 2016

my camp experience

Walt: make connections across a wide range of texts.

2 weeks ago it was camp I was so excited. All of the people in year 5 and 6 went on camp, We slept outside in tents it was so cool seeing everybody participate in what we were doing.

I was with the whole team 4. What we did was we did heaps of cool activities, when we did it we did it in three days. Where we slept was outside in our tents, why we did it was i think to get along with other people.

My favorite activity was top town. What top town is it’s activities all together the first in top town we tried to fill up tiny water balloons at the taps, there is a whole bunch more activities. Who I did top town with was with my team the kinda crazies and   another team the kinda nators.

My 2nd favourite activity was  baking. We were baking chocolate chip cookies, the teacher that was supervising us was mrs Garden she was helping us measure. Baking was cool getting to cook and eat it was so yummy.

From all the good times we had at camp the last activity was swimming at papakura  wave pools. After that we came back to school,got our bags from our tents and came to the hall. When we arrived to the hall we watched pac man and waited for our parents to come pick us up

task description: my task was to write about my camp experience.

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